Friday, 22 March 2013

Quick and Easy Cures to Morning Sickness

As per the latest survey, around 50 to 80 percent of women feel nauseated accompanied by vomiting mostly during the first three months of the pregnancy period. This feeling mostly occurs in the morning time however, it may also continue through out the day for some women.

It’s always recommended to use natural remedies to avert the nausea feeling as it doesn't have any side effects on the body. The three most popular natural remedies even recommended by the doctors are ginger tea, acupressure wristbands which are also called as sea bands and vitamin B6.

Take frequent smaller meals

As per the diet of a pregnant woman is concerned, she should take frequent smaller meals. Fatty or fried foods should be avoided as they add to the nausea feelings and result in vomiting due to irritation caused by the oil content in the food.

Keep light snacks like crackers handy

Some light snacks like crackers, bread or toast should always be kept handy so that it’s taken as soon as the feeling of nausea starts arising.

Avoid food items which cause nausea

It’s always the best option to identify the substances or food items which increase the nausea feeling so that, those can be avoided to reduce the suffering to a great extent.

Drink enough fluids

The pregnant woman should drink enough fluids to recover the loss if she has been continuously vomiting due to nausea feelings. It’s always recommended to take the fluids in between meals rather than with meals which proves to be very helpful in controlling the nausea feelings.

Use acupressure wrist bands

Acupressure wrist bands which are available as sea bands in the market help in stimulating an acupuncture point called pericardium 6 which helps in relieving nausea to a great extent. This band has a plastic button on it which puts pressure on the p6 point located inside the wrist. The best part of this wrist band is it starts working immediately after the woman wears it.

Eat ginger or have ginger tea

Ginger is also a very effective remedy for morning sickness and it has been used for medicinal purpose for past many centuries. It has been used for centuries in cooking and medicinally. The Food and Drug Administration has also recognized ginger as a safe natural remedy for morning sickness. Medical doctors and other health practitioners also recommend ginger for getting relief from morning sickness. One can also take hot ginger tea if find difficult to take raw ginger.

Smell aroma of peppermint oil

The aroma of peppermint oil also helps in reducing nausea feeling to a large extent. A bowl of water with two drops of peppermint essential oil near the bed of the pregnant woman relieves her from nausea feeling. 

Take enough rest

Apart from these solutions, a pregnant woman should avoid warm places as heat triggers the nausea feelings. Enough rest should be taken as tiredness plays a pivotal role in morning sickness. For avoiding this, one can prefer to take short naps during the day time.

The pregnant woman should sleep for 6-8 hours during nigh time and get out of bed slowly in the morning. Taking plain crackers before getting out of the bed proves to be very helpful in reducing morning sickness.

So, these are a few tips which can be followed to reduce the nausea feeling and vomiting instantly during the pregnancy period
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