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Effective Natural Ways to Cure Bladder Infection

Bladder infection is mainly a kind of urinary tract infection which infects the lower portion of the urinary tract. These infections are found to be more common in women than men. Some of the major risk factors of this infection include sexual intercourse, family history and female anatomy.  A person suffering from this infection feels a burning sensation while urinating and may also have to go for urination frequently. The process of urination can also be painful in some cases.

Here is a brief description of some of the natural ways to cure bladder infections:


 It  is  an evergreen  shrub  which  can  be  found  in  acidic  bogs  in  the  northern  hemisphere.  Cranberries  has  vitamin  C,  fiber  and  minerals  such  as  manganese.

It helps to remove problems related bladder infections.  The  raw  cranberries  consist  of  polyphenol  antioxidants  and  helps  in  preventing  urinary  infection  in  women.  If  you consume  300 ml  of  cranberry  juice  every  day, it can  reduce  infections  in  urinary  system to a great extent.


 These  are  flowering  plants  which has  indigo  colored  berries  and   is  similar  to  cranberries  and  bilberries.  Blueberries  have  micronutrients  with  essential  minerals  like  manganese,  vitamin  C and  Vitamin  K.  These can prevent bladder infection in the urinary system to a remarkable extent.

Sugar D-Mannose: 

 When  you  face  problems and pain while urinating,  drinking  more  water  is  a good method  to properly  flush  out  urinary  tract and  stop  the  bladder  infection.  Sugar  D-Mannose  is  a  good  healthy  food which  can  prevent   the  bladder from getting infected.

Apple Cider Vinegar: 

 This is also one of the best natural remedies for bladder infection.  It  is a little  hard  to  swallow because  of  its sour  taste, but having  two  ounces  daily  for  three  to  four  days  proves to be very effective in curing bladder infection.


 Alka-Seltzer  is  an  antacid  and  also  acts  as  a  pain  reliever  for  bladder infection.   You can take its two tablets by dissolving in a glass of water. Beer: Beer is a good remedy for various kinds of infections.  It helps to a great extent in curing the bladder infection.

Baking Soda:

 Baking  soda  can  help  to  reduce  burning  problems related  to  bladder  infections.  In  a  glass of  water, you need to  mix  a half  teaspoon  of  baking  soda  and  drink it.  It will reduce problems caused due to bladder infections to a large extent.

Garlic and Oregano Oil:

 Both  garlic and oregano oil have  strong  antibacterial  properties  which  can  fight  bladder  infection.  Garlic  has medicinal properties and having  a  five-hundred  milligram of  oregano  oil  for  four  to  five  times on a daily basis can cure the infection.

Fermented Cod Liver Oil:

 Fermented  cod  liver  oil  has  vitamins  like  A  and  D. Vitamin  D  has  anti-microbial  peptides  which  fights  off  the  infections  in  bladder.  Vitamin  A  helps  cells  to  maintain  proper  resistance  for  the  bladder  infection.

Energiser Tablets:

 Energiser  tablets  have  vitamin  C  and  it  is  of  orange  flavor.  You need to mix it with 200 ml  of  water  and  the  problems  will  be  rectified  within  3  hours.

 Eating  Asparagus  and  drinking  water  eases  the  problems  in  bladder  infections.  Eat 12 oz of asparagus and then drink water. It helps in relieving the pain within hours.   Always  use  the  remedies  which  are  helpful  for  your  body.

Don’t overuse any antibiotics and always stick with the suggestions of natural remedies to cure bladder infections in an effective manner.

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