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Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Best Home Remedies for Food Poisoning

As we are human beings, by nature we love foods and drinks. We can’t stop ourselves when we see mouthwatering things to eat. Food poisoning is the common illness suffered by most of us due to the consumption of contaminated foods or drinks. At home, it is very important to take care while food processing; food storage and food preparation to be safe from food poisoning. 

What is food poisoning?

Food poisoning can be defined as an illness caused by bacteria or toxins due to the consumption of contaminated foods or drinks. Sometimes, intake of a wrong medicine can also lead to food poisoning. Here are a few names of bacteria which can cause food poisoning:

• Salmonella

• Listeria

• E.coli

• Campylobacter 

Symptoms of Food Poisoning:

Normally symptoms of food poisoning can be detected within 2-6 hours of eating the food. Common symptoms of food poisoning are Stomach pain and inflammation, diarrhea, fever; cold and chills, headache; vomiting, weakness etc.
Remedies for Food Poisoning
To avoid stomach pain and inflammation, some fruits and vegetables like apple, banana, lemon, ginger etc. can be taken. You can make a juice of ginger and honey and drink it. It helps in lessening the stomach pain and inflammation.

Lemon is also very useful because of its high acidity. The high acidity of lemon kills micro-organisms and toxins in our gastrointestinal tract. You can also drink apple juice and banana shake to reduce the effects of food poisoning.

 Dehydration is one of the common symptoms of food poisoning. In such a situation, one should drink plenty of fluids. You can drink plenty of water. Also, drink oral re hydration powder mixed with water to recover from dehydration. It will keep you safe from dehydration, vomiting and diarrhea. Oral dehydration powder is easily available in a chemist shop. It is good to drink electrolytes which are rich in potassium and sodium to recover from dehydration and vomiting. It can be taken 3-4 times in a day to get good results.

To get rid of fever caused due to food poisoning, a wet cotton or small towel can be kept on the forehead to lower down the body temperature.

If you suffer from vomiting due to food poisoning, it is recommended to drink little amount of water. Don’t take any solid foods until vomiting stops. You can eat bread, apple, bananas and biscuits which have salt taste. You can also drink soda which can help in stopping vomiting.

If you suffer from frequent food poisoning, you should avoid eating roadside foods or drinks frequently. Environment also plays an important role in causing food poisoning. Keep your surroundings especially kitchen neat and clean to avoid from food poisoning.

Don’t take any medicine for food poisoning without the advice of doctor. If none of the remedies is supportive at all, it is recommended to immediately to consult a doctor.

Until fully recovered after the treatment of food poisoning, you should avoid spicy foods, dairy products, caffeine and alcohol to stay hydrated.