Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Pregnancy Care Tips

Pregnancy brings countless, wonderful, and often unexpected, changes in our life. We need to use our personal pregnancy calendar to follow the baby’s development from conception to birth. We need to learn to be healthy during pregnancy and find out the changes in our own body.

Pregnancy is considered as a time of increased heat for the woman. Eating cold foods has a cooling effect that is beneficial during pregnancy. Cold foods include dairy products, vegetables and fruits that are not hot.

Ghee, butter and coconut oil are high in saturated fats and should be avoided for the health of the mother.

Almonds are very beneficial for pregnant women as a source of vitamin E and proteins. However, they do not effect the brain development of the fetus.

Turmeric is an excellent antibiotic, ant-inflammatory, and anti-ulcerative. It increases detoxifying enzymes in the liver, and may lower bad cholesterol level. Still it does not effect the skin pigmentation of the unborn.

The white latex in the unripe green papaya can cause miscarriage; however, there is nothing wrong with fully ripened papaya.

It is true that over eating causes very large fetus, causing complications during labor.

Walking is very good during pregnancy because it gets the blood flowing and a minimum of 20 to 30 minutes of walking per day helps a lot. When a woman comes back from walking, she can put her feet up so that she doesn’t get too much of blood pooling in her legs.

Fenugreek seeds help in increasing the production of breast milk.
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