Saturday, 9 February 2013

Save Yourself from Baldness, Naturally!

Dandruff always increases the hair loss so, for that a mixture of aloe Vera, henna and curd can be made which not only gives relief from dandruff but also helps in the conditioning of hair thus making the hair less brittle and prone to fall.

According to the experts, massage always helps as it not only improves the circulation of blood but also trickles the hair follicles which leads to the better growth of hair. Nowadays, for those who can't manage to do it on their own can also go for various electrical massages available in the market. For a relaxing and completely effective hair massage, it requires a mixture of six drops of lavender oil, six drops of baby essential oil and four ounces of almond oil. Sit with closed eyes in a relaxed posture for twenty minutes after the massage. It would give a very soothing effect. After this, you can take a head bath which would certainly give you a refreshing lighter feeling as something has fallen from your head.

Other than this, try to use a special massaging hair brush that stimulates the scalp to promote hair growth. A natural shampoo replete with organic herbal extracts specifically recommended for hair loss should be used. If not anything else, coconut oil is always good for the growth of hair which also makes it long, black and beautiful.

Hair loss has become one of the major problems among the people through out the world. It doesn't seem surprising to see a 10 year old child going bald these days. Not one but many factors can be blamed for the distressing situation. And two prominent among all can be the heightened stress factor in the modern life and the invisible pollutants in the environment in which we lead our lives. There are thousands of products available in the market but very less has proven effective and that too for a selected group of people. Here, you can see some natural tips which can be followed not only to reduce hair loss but can be used on a daily basis to refrain forever from such issues in your lives.

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